The government wants the Alliance in the Government, but it is difficult to cede positions

Photo: Government of RSM

The negotiations between the Government and the opposition Alliance for Albanians (AA) for entering the government are coming to an end. The departments of health and justice have already been agreed upon, and the negotiating teams will need another day or two to close the entire package with the positions of deputy ministers, directorships and management positions that will have to be managed by the party led by Arben Taravari. The Alliance says that it is only a matter of hours until the end of the contract, but the SDSM give themselves until the end of the week for the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and Tarawari to shake hands. The government partner Alternativa is waiting for an inspection of the agreement to determine whether it remains part of the government.

Both teams confirm for "Sloboden Pechat" that the Ministries of Justice and Health will belong to the AA. For the third ministry, we are waiting to see if the agreement will be acceptable to Alternative or if Afrim Gashi's party will leave the government if it is left without the health department. If Alternativa remains part of the government, then it is likely that Alliance will get the department of ecology, with the fact that there will be a rotation of departments between SDSM and DUI due to the ethnic balance in the government. If Gashi leaves, then the Department of Information Society and Administration gets the AA. According to a senior official from SDSM, reshuffles are also possible in the lower echelons, depending on the distribution of the deputy minister post for the Alliance, as well as director and management positions.

The Alliance briefs that they are negotiating to get the Educational Inspectorate as an important link in the battle against corruption and crime, which is a priority for AA. The Labor Inspectorate is also in play, if there is no agreement for the Educational Inspectorate. For the position of deputy minister, Alliance is looking for the Ministry of the Interior or Defense, and the deputy director - in the Internal Revenue Service or in Customs. Alliance is also looking for directorships in important companies. Taravari's party says that if SDSM and DUI do not agree on the third ministerial position, they will seek the position of deputy prime minister, but not the one for the diaspora.

According to party sources, the package of official positions has been clearly defined by the Alliance, but the negotiations are delayed, because SDSM and DUI are having a hard time agreeing on which positions to cede to the new government partner. The negotiations between the teams were supposed to continue this afternoon, and before that a meeting was scheduled between the government partners.

Health Minister Bekim Sali, on the other hand, says that he does not know if his Alternative party has given up his portfolio.

"I don't know if they gave up, but they give the opportunity, if the name Bekim Sali is an obstacle, not to insist at all costs." Things need to be defined, whether the individual or the policy is the priority, and I do not believe that this is my last public appearance, because this week we will promote all the centers that received equipment from the World Bank and we will see each other at least five more times, and we will see in the future. I do not know who will be the new minister and whether there is anything definitive. I don't follow a daily policy. "I try to make it my mission, while I'm here, to fulfill all the promises I made to the public," Sally said.

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