Vlahovic had a romantic relationship with his teammate's wife?

Barcelona has a new target for next summer / photo: EPA-EFE / ANDREJ CUKIC

Many wonder why Dusan Vlahovic is not a standard member of the Serbian national team at the World Cup in Qatar. Coach Dragan Stojkovic Pixi says that Vlahovic is injured, but media from Serbia claim that this is not the real reason.

After the media from our northern neighbor previously reported that there was a conflict between the selector and the first star, now new details are coming out about the whole soap opera.

Allegedly, before the championship, Vlahovic had a romantic relationship with the wife of the goalkeeper of the national team, Predrag Rajkovic. Something that complements this information is the fact that Rajkovic was the standard in the national team's goal during the qualifiers and the League of Nations, and in the championship he was replaced by Vanja Milinkovic Savic. The Serbians are speculating that it is because of the whole situation that Pixi has decided that both players will be out of the team until the problem is solved.

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