Vlado Georgiev is convinced that the Earth is flat, so he became the target of jokes on social media

Photo: Instagram/Twitter/Vlado Georgiev

The singer Vlado Georgiev became a hot topic on social media after he shared that he supports the popular conspiracy theory that planet Earth is, in fact, a flat plate.

He shared a photo on his Twitter profile, where he wrote that he "zoomed" it 48 times.

"How round it is, how spherical it is, and zoomed in 48 times," the singer wrote in the description of the photo, which shows a large body of water.

His post immediately caught the attention of Twitter users, who wrote him numerous humorous comments.

"To claim that the Earth is a flat plate is like claiming that gravity does not exist. It's absurd", "Do you seriously think the Earth is a flat plate or is this some kind of joke?", "Keep singing", "God, how far you've gone. Less wine, less wine," "Brother, look to the moon and the rest of the heavenly bodies. Probably, many things will become clear to you", are some of the comments.

Also, one of his guest appearances on Serbian television Nova, where he spoke on this topic in 2019, began to be published on social media.

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