Slovenia's ruling party stops using Twitter

Twitter Verification/ Photo Priyanka Naskar / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

Slovenia's ruling Freedom Movement party has decided to stop using Twitter, among other things, because it fears some politicians could use the network to spread fake news and hate speech, which it does not want to participate in.

"Given the behavior and announcements of the new owner and management of Twitter, we can expect that the space for illicit communication and hate speech will open even more on that network," the party announced.

Liberal Prime Minister Robert Golob's party won parliamentary elections in April, and its program emphasized restoring decency in politics and strengthening the rule of law, which they say was violated during the tenure of former Prime Minister Janez Janša.

The party holds 41 of the 90 seats in Parliament, and announced that its Twitter account had been blocked for three weeks due to technical difficulties, but over time they realized they did not need the network to communicate with the public through it.

"At the same time, that platform is abused by members and sympathizers of certain political parties with the aim of polarizing society, spreading fake news, manipulating, discrediting, insulting or even spreading hate speech," the party states. they do not want to participate in such speech.

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