The government has decided: Basic foodstuffs must not rise in price until January 31, 2022

Government freezes prices of basic products / Photo: Free Press Archive

The government has decided to freeze the prices of the products that citizens buy every day and most often, at the level they had on December 1.

These are bread, flour type-400, sunflower oil, persistent milk, fresh meat and delicacies, as well as cheese and cottage cheese.

The decision comes in anticipation of the announced price shock, and the government says that the goal is to preserve the standard of living.

-Following the economic situation caused by the health crisis of covid-19 and the energy crisis in the world, as well as the consumption power of the citizens in Macedonia, it was assessed that it is necessary to limit prices on the free market, only for primary food products, which are dominant products. for consumption, says Muhamed Hoxha - Government Spokesman.

Some of the citizens welcomed the Government measure taken in the eyes of the holidays, while others believe that the decision is overdue.

The President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, also gave his assessment of the price freeze. According to him, such a measure will dampen the crisis, but he still says it is overdue

-It may alleviate it, but it can not stop this wave of increased inflation and reduced standard of living of citizens and it is not done by limiting the price of products, it is a measure that is only one of the set of measures that should have are taken, says Mickoski.

According to the law, he is in charge of the implementation of this decision State Market Inspectorate.. For traders who break it, fines of 800 euros to 10.000 euros are envisaged. The inspectorate appeals citizens to report with them if they notice non-compliance with the measure ..

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