The government determined and adopted the text of the National Development Strategy 2024-2044

At today's session, the government accepted the text of the National Development Strategy 2024-2044, proposed by the Prime Minister's Office. It has been decided to submit the text of the National Development Strategy 2024-2044 for consideration in the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, as the next step towards the implementation of the Strategy, the government press service announced.

The National Development Strategy is the largest strategic document in which the main goals and measures for the development of the Republic of North Macedonia for the next 20 years are defined, and it refers to the correct implementation of the foreseen measures that have a great effect on many processes in the country, as well as the raising of the quality of citizens' lives.

This important document defines the main national development goals, strategic areas and priorities for accelerated, inclusive, balanced, gender equal and sustainable development of the Republic of North Macedonia, especially considering the Republic of North Macedonia's aspiration to join the European Union (EU) until 2030 and the commitment to sustainable development translated into the 2030 Agenda.

Six strategic priorities are defined in the strategy, namely:

1.    An economy based on knowledge, innovation and digitization, i.e. a highly integrated economy in international trade and in international finance and workforce that meets the current and future needs of the labor market;

2.    Sustainable local and regional development, which ensures cohesion;

3.    Demographic revitalization and social and cultural development;

4.    Rule of law and good governance;

5.    A secure, safe and resilient society and

6.    Green transformation.

At the same time, the development of human capital and the digitization of society are central elements and are a basic prerequisite for progress in every strategic area.

The importance of the process, which laid the foundations for the implementation of the National Development Strategy, is pointed to the three-year preparation of the Strategy, with the involvement of around 14.000 citizens, more than 250 representatives from national institutions, 70 mayors, 50 MPs from the government and the opposition. , representatives of chambers of commerce, civil society organizations, over 500 representatives from marginalized and vulnerable groups, as well as more than 1.000 young people and members of youth organizations.

The process of creating the National Development Strategy was implemented by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in partnership with the Office of the Permanent Coordinator of the United Nations and the United Nations Development Program - UNDP, and is financially supported by the British Embassy in Skopje and the Ministry of Finance of Republic of Slovakia, it is stated in the press service of the government.

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