The government sent the French proposal to the Parliament, the working group is on the move to harmonize conclusions

Building of the Assembly of the Republic of S. Macedonia/ photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

The government submitted the French proposal to the Parliament, sources from the government confirmed for "Sloboden Pechat". Although earlier there was information that the proposal should first pass at a session of the Government for the materials to be sent to the Assembly, according to our information, the Government only forwarded the document to the Parliament.

Only the French proposal has been submitted to Parliament, as the bilateral protocol is still being harmonized. Apart from the French proposal and the protocol, the package contains another document.

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski yesterday on the joint press conference with the President of the European Council Charles Michel stated that after the end of the consultation process for the European proposal, the bilateral agreement and another document will be sent to the Parliament and that the coordinators of the parliamentary groups and representatives of other parties will discuss these proposals.

- It is up to the Parliament to decide whether we will make a decision to start the negotiations and with what conclusions and the representatives of the political parties should discuss that, they are experienced members of the Parliament and as such give it to the Government to implement and operationalize it in connection with the decision that the Parliament will make - Kovacevski said. 

He added that the MPs, in accordance with their constitutional competences, make the decision, draw conclusions and give responsibility to the Government, which, as the executive authority, should implement it.

The coordinators of the parliamentary groups and other representatives of the parliamentary parties are expected to hold a first meeting today to discuss the conclusions that should be considered and adopted by the Assembly for the French proposal. The draft version of the conclusions has already been prepared.


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