The government wants the energy crisis to continue for six months

Transmission line energy policy electricity
Electricity / Photo: MIA

One week before the end of the 30-day energy crisis, the Government is preparing a draft decision to extend the deadline for an additional six months, which it will submit to Parliament.

The goal is to leave room for additional activities in dealing with the crisis and electricity supply, according to the government.

Although it was announced for yesterday, the Government still did not discuss how much higher the price of electricity was requested by the state ESM. Although there have been reports of a possible price increase of up to 20 percent, the government says it will refrain until the energy companies make the final calculations.

VMRO-DPMNE is also in favor of continuing the crisis, so they promised to support the vote on this point. In addition, to prevent further price shock, they are asking the Government to allocate 250 million euros to help households and companies.

"First, we demand that 250 million euros be provided to subsidize the electricity of citizens and companies in order to prevent additional price shock and inflation. "Secondly, we want to provide money for all municipalities that from the beginning to the end of the energy crisis faced with termination of contracts by suppliers, ie to cover the difference between the initially concluded contract and the current price of electricity." Says Vlado Misajlovski, MP from VMRO-DPMNE.

The price of electricity on the stock exchanges is still above a staggering 200 euros per kilowatt hour, so the focus is still on stimulating domestic production.

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