Government: The decision of the Constitutional Court on the salaries of officials is final and should be respected

Government of RSM / photo: Dragan Mitreski - Free Press

The decision of the Constitutional Court with which abolish provisions of the Law on salary and other compensation of elected and appointed persons is final and should be respected, the Government told "Sloboden Pechat", but, they add, this does not mean that the salaries of all appointed persons will automatically increase by 78 percent as part of the public speculates.

- We note that the previous "freezing" of the basis was actually the government's position in the past period and the Government has defended it as a position before the Constitutional Court, which is practically abolished by the decision of the Constitutional Court. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, within the scope of its powers, has given a negative opinion on the initiative to change the articles of the Law on Salaries and Other Compensations of Elected and Appointed Persons to the Constitutional Court, which confirms the position of the Government that the legal decision on salaries does not should be changed. So, the Government's intention was and still is clear, and it is a fair and justly paid job for all stakeholders in society - say the Government.

Although the basis for salary calculation according to the decision of the Constitutional Court is increasing, they add from there, the Government is specifically considering the possibilities of reducing the coefficients for salary calculation for the appointed persons for whom there is a legal possibility, in order not to burden the budget.

- We appeal to other stakeholders to do the same, within their legal powers. At the same time, we appeal not to speculate and to resort to populist rhetoric and activities, to talk realistically and with facts. In addition, we are currently working on a solution for a General Collective Agreement and a Law on Wages, which will make a systemic solution for salaries in the public sector and will ensure continuous growth according to an established methodology. Currently, the minimum and average salary as well as the amount of pensions is at the highest level so far and we will continue to work on increasing salaries and pensions, but also on reducing the cost of living, in order to ensure a higher standard of living for citizens. Every citizen should live authentically and his work should be valued according to the qualifications, scope and complexity of the work he does or has done - says the Government.

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