Turn on the appliances as soon as you see the T2 mark - it means you have cheap electricity on the meter

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With the introduction of the daily cheap tariff, from tomorrow households will have a total of 11 hours of cheap electricity available during one day and night from Monday to Saturday and 24 hours on Sunday. EVN teams cannot replace all meters at once, but by the end of December, 90 percent of households will have them, said Marko Bislimoski, president of RKE

If tomorrow the mark T2 (for low tariff) appears on the LCD screen of your meter, it means that you are among those over 170 thousand lucky ones who received cheap electricity from 13:15 to XNUMX:XNUMX. Free Press from EVN Macedonia received the answer to the most frequently asked question, how citizens will recognize if the meter is set to the new tariff. The new tariff system entered into force on December 1, and then the setting of the meters will begin.

With the introduction of the daily cheap tariff, households will have at their disposal a total of 11 hours of cheap electricity during one day and night from Monday to Saturday and 24 hours on Sunday. Macedonia was the only country in the region that had cheap daily electricity. The state first lifted that tariff in 2012 because of import costs. Then all the countries of the former Yugoslavia abolished the cheap daily electricity tariff, and some of them, like Serbia and Croatia, abolished the weekly tariff as well. The daily rate was then reinstated in 2017, and was abolished on January 1, 2022.

– The label T1 is (for high tariff) and T2 (for low tariff), which means that depending on the period of the day, these respective labels appear on the screen and are active. Namely, the user can recognize if his meter has been set to a cheap tariff from 13:15 to 1:XNUMX after December XNUMX if the appropriate sign for a cheap tariff appears in the specified time period - EVN explains.

Elektrodistribucija reminded that they have 170.000 meters with remote communication and 650.000 ordinary meters that need to be adjusted on the spot. The meters will be adjusted already in the first month (December), except for the unavailable ones that will be set in the following period.

- All households that have a remote reading will have a cheap tariff from today, the meters will be set group by group. The teams of EVN cannot replace another 400.000 meters at once, but by the end of the month they will have 90 percent - said Marko Bislimoski, president of RKE.

As in the previous cases, the adjustment of each individual meter is manual, which requires physical contact with each of them by EVN teams, lasting from 45 seconds to one minute depending on the type of meter.
After the introduction of block tariffs, the meters have four positions in which the expensive tariff is registered, and now a cheap tariff should also be introduced.

- After the analyzes carried out, RKE assessed that conditions have been created for households to use additional hours in which the compensation for the consumed electricity will be calculated at a cheap tariff. The data indicate that the investment cycle in renewable energy sources increased the production of electricity, which directly affected the price reduction during the day - Bislimoski reminded.

The government abolished the cheap daily electricity less than a year ago, when the price of electricity increased by 9,48 percent. If the cheap tariff remained, the citizens would have to pay 14,23 percent more expensive electricity. Citizens will continue to use cheap electricity during the night, from 22:7 to 5:10 every day and all day on Sunday. At the beginning of this year, the VAT for electricity increased from 18 to XNUMX percent. In the summer period, it returned to the regular XNUMX percent.

And next year RKE will have the last word on the price of electricity

The price of electricity from January 1 next year will not increase in the tariff blocks, but also in general. From 2024, the calculations for the price of electricity will be made by EVN, but the final word on the price will be the Regulatory Commission for Energy, which will supervise the calculations, decided the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi.

According to him, its president Marko Bislimoski will have the right to intervene in the price, if it is determined that the calculations are not correct. He expects that a competitor with a lower profit margin will be chosen at the new tender for the selection of a universal supplier of electricity for households and small consumers, which could reduce the price of electricity on the regulated market. The current universal supplier is EVN Home, and soon there will be a new call for the next five years.
Regarding the profit margin, which is currently around 11 percent, the minister is convinced that it will be lower next year. He explained that the biggest influence on the price of electricity is the margin, which will be offered by the universal supplier.

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