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Visual Arts: The project "A-Reaction" by Marija Pavlovska had a double presentation

The visual author Marija Pavlovska, who lives and works on the Skopje-New York route, had two presentations of her artistic work these days. An art presentation was held at the Cinematheque of RSM on December 15, which was followed by a live-stream of the project "A-Reaction", realized in "Mana Contemporaries" in New York. The presentation was also attended by the project collaborators, the art historian Gorancho Gjorgievski from the National Gallery of RSM and the photographer Kervin Kendall Williamson from the USA.

The second presentation, also online, took place on December 17 in a conversation with Eileen Kaminski from New York. Kaminski graduated from the University of Adelphi and is a prominent collector of contemporary art, an interest she has nurtured since 1990. The Eileen S. Family Foundation Kaminski (ESKFF) is an artist residency program for local, national and international artists and mid-career students. The mission of the foundation is to provide scholarships for materials, grants, educational programs, exhibition opportunities, visits to professionals and a study space in an environment that promotes self-growth, encourages dialogue and collaboration between artists, where it is safe to experiment and take creative risks.

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The author Marija Pavlovska in her 20 years of artistic practice researches the art using the polar black and white colors and stands out with a specific expressive style, which is unique both in our country (the Balkan region) and internationally. The author's works are composed of striking, non-existent moves - they include polar opposites: light and dark, full and empty, black and white. The forms of Pavlovska's works develop from painting or drawing to video and installation.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 61, in the print edition of "Free Press" on December 19-20, 2020)

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