A high-rise near "Bucharest" will be built, but it is uncertain whether it will "grow" to 28 floors

Photo: Facebook/ Independent for Karposh - For the protection of Karposh

It is certain that a high-rise building will be built on the area behind the "Macpetrol" gas station and the "Bucharest" polyclinic in Karpos, but whether it will be 28 floors, as the independent councilors and citizens of the neighborhood warn, or lower, is still uncertain.

The Constitutional Court has passed a decision in a session these days, revoking the Decision on adoption of the Regulation Plan of the General Urban Plan of the City of Skopje 2012-2022 for quarter 3 05, which the Council of the City of Skopje adopted in a session two years ago.

From "Nezavisni za Karposh - For the protection of Karposh" they believe that with the cancellation of the Regulatory Plan, there is no limitation in the implementation of the solution provided for in the currently valid DUP for City quarter Z 05, where on the plot behind the gas station on Partizanska, on the very boulevard Osmi Septembi, a 28-story building with a ground floor and an attic is planned.

The initiative to cancel the Regulatory Plan was submitted by lawyer Bojan Milosevski, who is also the former secretary of the Municipality of Karposh during the past mandate of Stevco Jakimovski. In this mandate, he is (or was) hired for legal services by the Municipality of Karposh. Was he paid with money from the municipality for the service that enables a private investor to build bigger dimensions? In other words, the concrete monster wherever it is, will start sprouting in Karposh, unless the 14th session where the suspension point is stuck is extended, for which there is no way to gather a quorum of 12 councilors to implement it. they say from "Independent for Karposh - For the protection of Karposh".

From there, they explain that the independent councilors proposed the suspension of DUP Z 05 block 08, but that the suspension has not yet been adopted by the councilors. According to them, the biggest problem surrounding the adoption is that in Article 2 of the draft decision "the Mayor of the Municipality of Karposh and the corresponding municipal departments are obliged to stop the issuance of building permits and the execution of individual acts for block 08 of the DUP for city quarter 3 05 between Blvd. . Ilinden, blvd. Eight September, Blvd. Partisan detachments and st. Ljubljanska, adopted by Council decision 07-7546/4 of 06.11.2013, while the process of drawing up an expert report and making a decision on suspension continues."

Mayor Jakimovski, on the other hand, even last year, when the information about the construction of the high-rise building appeared again in the public, was adamant that he would not allow the construction of a 28-story building, but that the building was drawn in the plan and would have at least 10 floors.

The current Detailed Urban Plan for City Quarter 3 05 was adopted in the previous term of Mayor Jakimovski and covers the area between Ilinden, Osmi Septubi boulevards, Partizanski Odshida and Ljubljanska Street. In it, one construction plot with number 6.1 is drawn on two cadastral plots, on which a building with the purpose of A2-housing in residential buildings, with a ground floor, 26 floors and an attic (P+26+PK), with a height of 88 meters, is planned.

If the DUP is realized in Karposh 3, with all the buildings that Stevco Jakimovski drew with VMRO-DPMNE, it will be a "crash" for all of us who have invested in living in this neighborhood. Maybe we should find a lawyer to defend our acquired rights, but in Strasbourg, of course - comments a resident of Karposh on Facebook.

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