Viskovic: Schmidt will have to testify in the trial against Dodik

Christian Schmidt, Milorad Dodik / Photo by EPA

The Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska Radovan Viskovic said today that the High Representative Kristijan Schmidt will have to appear in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a witness in the trial against the President of the RS Milorad Dodik.

- I would like Schmidt not to appear in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a witness in the proceedings against President Dodik, but after that the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina will have to issue a warrant for his arrest and therefore I expect that he will escape and that will be a definitive solution for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Viskovic told reporters in Banja Luka.

He added that "it would be best for Schmidt to stay in his country after Christmas."

-In the indictment, the prosecutor mentions Dodik as a defendant four times, and refers to Schmidt and his decisions twenty times. If Dodik is in the courtroom, then Schmidt should be, said the Prime Minister of RS.

According to him, Dodik's defense currently has 113 questions for Schmitt, who should show the newspaper whether he legally resides in Bosnia and Herzegovina and on the basis of which law he can make laws.

Viskovic stated that he is certain that the process in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Dodik, due to the non-implementation of the high representative's decisions, will turn into a "trial of Schmidt and Bosnia and Herzegovina".

Bosnia and Herzegovina's prosecutor's office accused Dodik and the acting director of RS's official mouthpiece, Milos Lukic, of failing to implement the high representative's decisions, which, according to changes to the Criminal Code imposed by Schmidt, is a crime.

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