Wine, beer, strong drink... How long does alcohol stay in the body?

The effects of alcohol depend on the drinker's sex, age, metabolism, body weight, type of alcohol, what you ate before drinking, but there are time frames that say how long you should wait before getting behind the wheel after a night out. .

Unfortunately, a large number of people in our country and around the world suffer due to traffic accidents involving drivers under the influence of alcohol. Many drivers think they are ready to drive half an hour or an hour after drinking, but this is not true. Alcohol stays in the body for a long time.

Therefore, be careful with alcohol, and especially with the assessment of when you can drive.

The British road safety organization Road Respect analyzed alcohol consumption and driving ability, and issued recommendations on how long one should wait after drinking, that is, how long alcohol stays in the body. Try to stick to these tips, which are conveyed by the RevijaHak portal.

A glass of wine (13,5 percent alcohol)

One drink – 3,5 hours

Two drinks – 7 hours

Three drinks – 10,5 hours

Four drinks – 14 hours

Five drinks – 17,5 hours

A glass of strong drink (40% alcohol)

One drink – 1,5 hours

Two drinks – 3 hours

Three drinks – 4,5 hours

Four drinks – 6 hours

Five drinks – 7,5 hours

Beer (5 percent alcohol)

One drink – 2,5 hours

Two drinks – 5 hours

Three drinks – 7,5 hours

Four drinks - 10 hours

Five drinks – 12,5 hours




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