Wilander: Djokovic wins two to five more Grand Slam titles - there is only one condition

photo: EPA-EFE/James Ross AUSTRALIA

Former Swedish tennis player Mats Wilander said that the best Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has a chance to win two to five Grand Slam tournaments by the end of his career.

Currently on the all-time list, Djokovic and Rafael Nadal from Spain each had 22 Grand Slam titles, behind them retired Roger Federer (Switzerland) stood at 20.

Wilander believes that it suits Djokovic to be as fresh and healthy as possible before the next Grand Slams.

- Djokovic plays the game of percentages. Which means his longevity will see him win two to five more Grand Slam trophies. The numbers say it: from his first victory at the Australian Open until today, he has won between 1,3 and 1,4 Grand Slam trophies a year. Thus, if he remains healthy and fit, he will have a great chance to win several more major trophies in the coming period - the legendary Swede predicts.

A prerequisite for all this is that Djokovic overcomes injuries:

- Whether it will be at Wimbledon, Roland Garros or the US Open, it doesn't matter, Djokovic knows that he has a chance just to stay healthy. And longevity means it sends a message to rivals: "Hey guys, I'm not old, I feel young." He looks young and will win the biggest tournaments as long as he is healthy - said Wilander.

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