VIDEO INTERVIEW | Prof. Dr. Spiridonov: We are expecting a long hot summer with local storms

Vlado Spiridonov/Photo: Free Press/ Slobodan Djuric

The increase in the Earth's population has led to rapid industrialization and an increase in greenhouse gases. How much does this affect the climate, how much climate change do we expect in the future, will Dubai happen again soon, what will the climate be like during the summer? Answers to these and other questions in the morning program of "Sloboden Pechat" this morning, we asked Professor Dr. Vlado Spiridonov, from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Meteorological Sciences. The professor says he does not expect a long hot summer with local storms, and his new book Earth Science provides answers to climate change around the world.

- In April, we had summer at the beginning, now the temperatures resemble autumn. Today is April 22, Earth Day. My book The Science of Planet Earth covers all essential chapters in the area of ​​our planet, natural disasters, natural disasters, global warming. It is a new book that was introduced in the study programs as a compulsory subject - says Spridonov.

He explains that the use of coal, gas and oil are the main cause of the appearance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and create the greenhouse effect.

- We should keep in mind that from the pre-industrial period until now, the concentration of greenhouse gases has increased by about 20 percent per decade. It affects an increase in the average or mean temperature of the planet by 1,36 degrees. The planet is heated and if this trend of uncontrolled emissions continues, the situation will really be worrisome - says Spiridonov.

He explains that due to these reasons, climate changes are accelerated and more pronounced, and the climate system is disrupted.

– It is the same as the human organism. If we have just one degree more on our body, our organism signals that we do not feel well. It's the same with the climate system that just works that way and isn't used to working in heated conditions. And that's why there is a reaction, there are negative consequences - says the professor.

According to him, the higher temperature influences an increase in the frequency, frequency and intensity of these atmospheric systems.

– The moisture in the air serves as fuel and then those atmospheric instabilities and grammatic processes occur. Such is the last one in Dubai. So, in the conditions of a heated climate, a heated planet by one degree, we have more moisture, we have fuel for the development of turbulent gramotevichic processes - says Spiridonov.

He explains that a stable atmosphere means stable weather conditions, sunshine, higher temperatures. Unstable atmosphere, more precipitation, unstable winds, dynamics, snow.

- In order for us to have a temporary stabilization of the weather today, as we will have, and in the evening we enter again into a new precipitation system, something must have caused it, he says.

As for Macedonia, the field changes with the daily weather conditions.

– We will have rain again. However, the temperature trend until Easter will be increasing gradually. We will have a slightly more stable period ahead of us, except for this cyclone from today, that is, tomorrow - says Spiridonov.

Then follows a more stable period. During the month of May, the precipitation will be within the average range.

- Temperatures, although rising, will be lower than the average for May. This summer, all indications point to higher temperatures in this area. So we have, in general, a warmer summer. And for a shade, a drier summer. But the hot summer and the water vapor that we talked about in this region, as last year, will have intense processes, especially in a heated territory, it can cause stormy and grammatic processes. God forbid that the flood from Stajkovci of 2016 be repeated - says the professor.

His basic idea is for science to give an answer, how to better predict and announce, to give alerts for such potential weather hazards that will be created in a small local area.

- Together with my colleagues from FINKI and the University of Belgrade, we developed the NOTAS tool, which means a new storm forecasting system. We've tested many times in different regions of the world, even in systems like this, as we've discussed hurricanes, that is, the catastrophic flooding in New York. We also tested it for the catastrophic flood in Dubai. It showed solid results. It is published daily on Facebook, says Spiridonov.

Now they are waiting to finally make a web app and a mobile app.

- Every citizen will have an alarm and really, how much, if he has confidence in science, it will help to be informed immediately in the area in which he moves, works and acts - he says.

When asked if there are enough meteorologists in Macedonia, Spiridonov says that the situation is comical.

– One full-time professor in Macedonia and one full-time student in meteorology. That is the current image of the institution. Yes, I also teach another subject. In our country, the picture is sad. I constantly appeal that meteorology as a branch of physics, which will be studied at the Institute of Physics, will provide full support in the development of science and the Faculty of Science and Mathematics. I want to say that, indeed, a day will come when we will ask ourselves and look at each other and say, how come we don't have staff now, simply who can report on the weather, and the climate, and the waters, and the weather disasters, and about climate change. Well, yes, there won't be, because there should be a strategy for one branch that will be increasingly necessary in all sectors of the state. Simply, to make a systemic solution, to enroll in the first cycle of study, to train staff, to employ those dozen who have been waiting for employment for several years, and, simply, to think about those staff who will be extremely necessary , because there is a big shortage of meteorologists, there is no one to report on the weather - says Spiridonov.

See the full interview below:

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