VIDEO INTERVIEW | Živojin Glisić: The big story in music is in education

Živojin Glisić/ Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Slobodan Djuric

One of our most prolific and eminent composers, arrangers and longtime professor at the Faculty of Music, Professor Zivojin Glisic he was a guest on the morning show Free Press, where we talked about his professional path and the work he left behind as part of the musical culture and history of Macedonia.

Speaking about the very beginnings and the interest in music that was born in his early childhood, he says that the greatest influence on him was our outstanding legendary Macedonian composer, conductor and musical arranger Dragan Gjakonovski - Špato.

- It is difficult to define the word genius, science has not cleared it yet, but in the sense in which the word genius is treated in music, I think that Dragan Djakonovski - Shpato was a genius. I had the opportunity to study with his son until the eighth grade, and so besides Spato, besides the entire discography that he owned, I somehow, in the vernacular, "got hooked" on something that is not usual. I got into jazz, Brazilian music... At that time my friends were listening to rock, what everyone was listening to. I just don't have the words to describe his power for everything he did without frowning. He was a phenomenon, his handwriting was something special, extraordinary, as if he had completed all the schools and no education. Only geniuses can do that, and we had such a genius here. The first composition I wrote for the "Skopje Festival" I gave to Spato to see and he did not find a single mistake. And he said to me: "The most important thing is the idea, don't ever tell me the idea" - says Glisic about the influence that Dragan Djakonovski - Shpato left on him.

With many compositions, arrangements, numerous recognitions and awards for his work, the biography of Živojin Glisić speaks for itself about the legacy the professor left us, both to the audience and to all the following generations who will decide to follow his professional path .

- First of all, I am the winner of 23 awards for the best arrangement, at all the festivals that were in Macedonia, "Skopje Festival", "Valandovo", "Interfest Bitola", "Makfest", I even received an award for arrangement for the Roma festival. I have made about 450 arrangements of various genres. There are also those that I did in the jazz sphere with the "Big Band Orchestra" on MRTV. The number is large, when I retired I wrote a symphony "Beautiful days" and it was performed on the occasion of 30 years since the independence of Macedonia. I regularly perform at "Days of Macedonian Music", I regularly perform wherever I can arrange or contribute in any way. My idea was always to act positively and take a step forward professionally in the arrangement, because we lacked that professional moment, we were always running after someone, we were always trying to reach someone. However, people don't pay attention to the fact that the big story is in education. Always a person, starting from himself, personally, knows how to "stick" to something that is closest to him, he is not capable and is not able to perceive those professional moments that are needed. And wherever you go, they see your profession first, and then your idea - says Glisic.

You can watch the entire conversation with Professor Živojin Glisić at the following link:

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