VIDEO INTERVIEW| Volak: Practice from an early age in education in Spain

Victoria Volak / Photo: Sloboden Pechat/ Dragan Mitreski

In order to better get to know the educational system in Spain and the idea of ​​implementing the experience in Macedonian education, two teachers and two educators from the only secondary vocational school for students with hearing impairment, DUCOR "Partenija Zografski" - Skopje, participated in the Erasmus+ project "Work in shadow" or "Job Shadowing" realized in Seville, Spain.

Delighted by the excellent organization of the primary and secondary schools there, school teacher Victoria Volak for Free Press says that, unlike here, compulsory education in Spain ends much earlier.

- After 12 years of age, children in Spain are not required to attend compulsory education. Then they have to decide what to focus on. We were delighted by the educational system of vocational education, which is completely adapted to the working abilities of students, even if they do not have general education subjects. They have public schools, combined public and private schools and only private schools. Among them, the Catholic Church is connected to the state schools, it has a huge influence, that is, it helps a lot in education - says teacher Volak.

Victoria Volak and Aliekber Shaqiri / Photo: Sloboden Pechat/ Dragan Mitreski

They visited one such school, which is behind the church, and has no connection with religion, she explains, even the students were from different religions and noticed that there are many refugee children, that is, the state helps them to get an education.

- Those were huge halls in which we saw how the children worked with the tools themselves, of course under supervision, but they worked independently as if they were in practice. Since we come from a school for hearing-impaired children, we asked if there were any among them, and they explained to us that they are on a three-month study stay in Germany at a vocational school in order to acquire new knowledge and skills. Visits to other countries are common for Spanish high school students. We really liked that and we would like it to become a practice for our students as well - explains Volak.

Alexandra Alarampieva / Photo: Sloboden Pechat/ Dragan Mitreski

Alexandra Alarampiova is the second teacher who visited Spain, who says that she returned home with a rich experience from what she saw there, but also with good memories.

- The project was presented to us through interesting and interactive presentations, a visit to the secondary vocational Catholic school "Salesianos" where, including inclusion, special attention is paid to the development of physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual skills, an educational center for developing practical skills in the area of graphic design, programming and web design, working in different types of programs. The host created conditions for complete and successful realization of the planned activities. The Spaniards, with their cheerful spirit and hospitality, showed their willingness to show us the beauties of Seville, the heart of Andalusia, so, in addition to the planned work-related activities, we had the opportunity to visit beautiful locations, taste wonderful traditional food, get to know their extraordinary buildings with specific architecture, historical and cultural landmarks - said Alarampiova.

VIDEO INTERVIEW| Volak: Practice from an early age in education in Spain

The strongest impression, she said, was left by the Plaza de España, an incredible architectural landmark that takes your breath away, and is known as a picturesque scenic backdrop in the movie "Star Wars" - part of Ted City on Naboo.

See the whole conversation below:

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