VIDEO INTERVIEW | Velichkovski: What VMRO-DPMNE is doing with the new ministries is a transfer from hollow to empty

Ivon Velichkovski / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

The control of the parties over the public discourse and then the control of the parties over the public money is carried out by throwing a topic in front of the public and then, lo and behold, we are dealing with symbols, with who made what statement when taking office and no one talks about that these are essential issues, said Ivon Velichkovski in an interview with Sloboden Pechat.

"What VMRO-DPMNE is doing today from one to two ministries is a transfer from a hollow to an empty one, the same budget is being spent. We need a real reform in the public administration," said Velichkovski.

He also referred to the solemn statement of the president Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, considering that it was an act of irredentism.

"Let's say concretely, with Davkova's reading of the statement, she not only violated a part of taking office, because you take office by signing and giving a certain statement, but she added an unnecessary need to manifest irredentism, which must not to be manifested by a statesman and public official," Velichkovski pointed out.

More from the interview with Velichkovski in the video below.


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