VIDEO INTERVIEW | Vangelov: The past year was obviously bad in the fight against corruption

Ognen Vangelov / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Slobodan Djuric

Macedonia regressed in the rule of law and the fight against corruption, it is said in the new annual report of the non-governmental organization Freedom House - "States in Transition", which has been monitoring the activities of developing countries for a long time, dividing them into seven indicators (democratic governance, electoral process, civil society, independent media, local democratic governance, judiciary and corruption).

In a conversation about "Free press", the author of the report, the professor Ognen Vangelov He explained to us where Macedonia is experiencing the greatest decline and for what reasons.

"Macedonia remains in the zone of "hybrid countries", which represents something between democracy and autocracy. "Macedonia went up from 2017 to 2023, for several years the score increased minimally, and according to the Freedom House methodology, if the percentage of 51 is exceeded, then the country enters the democracy zone," explains Vangelov.

According to previous reports, Macedonia reached 49 percent last year, but this year, according to estimates, it started going down this scale again, thus remaining in that zone of "hybrid countries".

Vangelov explains that the improvement and deterioration of a country's position in this report cannot be drastically changed on an annual basis, that is, some huge political changes are needed that would lead to a significant drop or rise in the rating of a country.

According to the latest report, Macedonia saw a setback in the rule of law and the fight against corruption, citing numerous scandals that marked the past year.

"Regarding 2022, the number of corruption scandals and problems with justice that were visible to the whole public could not be ignored. It would certainly rule the grade. Those scandals are known not only in our country, but also in the international public," says Vangelov.

See the whole conversation below:

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