VIDEO INTERVIEW | The students from the department of traditional music and dances in "Ilija Nikolovski - Luj" with the final concert "Airlija"

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

Macedonian traditional music and dances has been studied for two decades in DMBUC "Ilia Nikolovski - Luj", and the students and professors from this department prepared a unique concert experience this year in the form of a musical of traditional Macedonian songs, dances, music, costumes and scenography. The final concert simply and appropriately called "Airlia" will be held on June 18 at 20 p.m. in NOB.

The concert is dedicated to the celebration of the wedding and the wedding festivities, as one of the main and most beautiful features of our musical culture.

In the morning show Free Press we spoke with some of the professors and students and were part of their dress rehearsal, where we had the opportunity to notice the passion and love of these young people who jointly create this rare and unique experience.

– Behind all this is a serious team of colleagues, 7-8 colleagues who teach in this direction for traditional music and dance, and there is one locomotive or coordinator of the direction, but all the joint work and contribution from all of us is very important. We continuously throughout the year prepared an event, a final concert, which is the crown of the current work, although we have numerous other events during the year. We manage to make a wonderful product at the end of the year with the students from the first to the fourth year, but for us as educators the most valuable thing is when you see students who infiltrated here a few months ago and are already creating, serving in the Oran tradition and in the vocal and instrumental sector, as is the example with this concert - says professor Blagica Ilic.

- Airlia is one word that can cover literally everything you want to say and present from this beautiful act. The wedding is one of the most cheerful, bright, solemn cultural features of our musical culture, it always has been and always will be, especially if it is placed in a beautiful context, beautifully interpreted, it really plays with the heart and "airlia" is exactly the right fit and draws everyone to we say that blessing to each other. There are students from the first to the fourth year, literally all of our students, who have their own role in this entire concert preparation and are exactly arranged so that everyone can contribute to this complete enjoyment. In fact, here, as you saw, we function as one family, and each family goes through different daily activities, agreements, disagreements, but at the end of the day that love wins and our love wins here like this, and in that name let's call each other Airlia - says Vera Miloshevska , professor at DMBUC "Ilia Nikolovski - Luj".

You can watch the entire interview at the following link:

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