VIDEO INTERVIEW | Trifun Kostovski: I do not deviate from my urge to help

Trifun Kostovski - Photo: Sloboden pechat / Metodij Zdravev

Striking for his visionary attitudes and ambitions on the one hand, but also persistent in the fight for the preservation of tradition and the authenticity of our national landmarks, Trifun Kostovski is a man who, with his life experience, left a mark on our cultural and social life decades ago. Kostovski spoke about his life and professional path, about humanity and philanthropy as an integral part of his life, about his native Skopje, in the morning show "Free Press".

 - Times are changing and Skopje as a city, as an urban center is subject to a process of change and growth of urban areas. It is a process that we cannot stop, it is an inevitable process at the world level. I remember Skopje at the time when there were 100.000 to 120.000 inhabitants, I was born in Novo Maalo, when there was no water supply and sewage system and the streets were muddy. The times in Skopje then and today are different, today I feel that the material side of living and the social side is a priority for all residents of Skopje. Before, there were no big differences in the property status of individuals, there were people who were children, conventionally speaking of MPs, of great people at that time, but at no time did we as children feel the pressure of someone having and someone not - he said Kostovski.

Known for founding or financing many foundations, sports clubs, individuals, artists, hospitals, non-governmental organizations, cultural-historical landmarks, sanctuaries... he says about philanthropy that it is something that is built from a young age.

- A person is born, raised and educated to be a philanthropist. It is one segment of many things that we go through in life. I was raised in a conservative, Christian family and my father used to say, "When I go out on the street I want to have a clean face." That means not to steal, not to hit light bulbs, windows, not to enter other yards to steal cherries, apricots... Simply be well-behaved children. Philanthropy itself, humanism is like a religious urge, you have more, share it with those who don't have it. It is a civilizational message that I am a philanthropist and not only that, but a lover of planet Earth, all flora and fauna for me is a part of my life. I want to preserve it authentically, as I will feel it, while at the same time encouraging the human race to persist in its existence on Earth as long as possible, building a new system of values. Giving a humane dimension, let's not be ordinary animals - said Kostovski.

He says he will never deviate from altruism and humanity, regardless of his current financial circumstances.

- Even today I am a philanthropist, I cannot hate, and the one who did the worst evil to me, that is his problem, I consider that I am clean before myself, before my conscience or God, as you wish. I am clean. Yes, I have made mistakes in my life, but I have not made them knowingly or with the intention of hurting anyone. On the contrary, if I can help, I help, I am always here for help even today, certainly in terms of my financial capabilities, but I do not deviate from my urge to help - says Kostovski.

You can watch the entire conversation with Trifun Kostovski at the following link:

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