VIDEO INTERVIEW | Trenchevska: The minister should deal with politics, not politics

Jovana Trenchevska - Photo: Sloboden Pechat

It is very important for the minister to be remembered by the public for creating good policies and solving the problems of the citizens, says the additional deputy minister for labor and social policy. Jovana Trenchevska in the show Free Press.

- It is very bad for the minister, when he takes office, to deal with the work of the cabinet, speculations or half-hearted information and manipulations without facts. This is done in order to create chaos in the people. If you come to the Ministry as a minister, you should do politics, not politics. For two and a half years as a minister, very good solutions have been adopted for salaries, pensions and social protection, social services and child care by opening a large number of kindergartens - said Trenchevska.

One of the accusations was that during the pandemic, MTSP did not correct decisions according to which the payment of social assistance should have been made, aligned with the inflation rate of various groups.

- In February, I was informed by the people working on the software for social protection that in certain centers some of the solutions were not harmonized, and the biggest one was in the Skopje center. The truth is that during the pandemic there are certain omissions as a result of employees not going to work, because such were the protocols to prevent the virus from spreading. However, from 2022 to 2024 until the day I am a minister, all solutions are harmonized. It was done in 2023 in accordance with the cost of living from 2022 by 14,2 percent, and in 2023 the cost of living was 9,3 percent and at the beginning of 2024 all beneficiaries exercised their rights and received new amounts adjusted with the costs of life - she said.

In a small part of the centers, the solutions were not corrected due to the pandemic, but this was later implemented and the largest number of citizens received harmonized solutions with corrected amounts.

- Out of the total number of 9000 users who were stated that they were not paid the corrected amounts, today there is a very small part left, to whom the payment will be made. This is the responsibility of the directors of the centers who are responsible to the minister - said Trenchevska.

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