VIDEO INTERVIEW | Stefan Vujisic: Art should not be isolated, it should be among us

Stefan Vujisic/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/ Slobodan Djuric

On the occasion of April 15, world art day "Macedonia" street in Skopje was the place where several acts with living street statues were placed, within the "Central Streets 2" event. One of the artists who managed to tell his street story, through just one frozen picture, was our graduate actor. Stefan Vujisic, who was also a guest in the morning show Free Press. He spoke about the purpose of this event, street art and living statues as a way to bring art closer to the people.

- That is one of the main reasons, that art should not be isolated, that it should not be in four walls or in some frame, where someone should in a certain way be forced to see it or hear it or experience it, but to be among us. For a moment the line between art and the reality we live is blurred, which is very exciting and I always tend to capture that point. The second point is to break the monotony and routine living.

Living statues have no medium of expression between them and the audience. It is not something through which you can express yourself or "take it out", it is a temptation for some more, for some less. What kind of person you are in private also plays a big role, I think that people with a "short fuse" will have a slightly bigger problem, because they will be "hit" by various information from the side and will have to fight with it, and at the same time they have to act untouchable . Privately, everything can happen in our head and in our body, but not to show it would be a virtue - said Vujisic.

Speaking about the living statues, Stefan says that there is a fine line between art and what you can see everywhere, and the color and costume are not the primary thing that determines these acts.

- The primary thing in my opinion is how the statues stand and how they don't move. Somehow, it's as if it becomes unreal and that unreality, who perceives it, is his projection. Someone might perceive it as "they are standing here wasting time", but he thinks that way because he cannot afford to waste his time and so he runs from point a to point b to get things done for him. maybe long ago finished or will never finish them. There is also someone who will hold back and try to study you, will try to calm himself, to humble himself through you, as if watching a movie that can change your emotions at that given moment, transform you. That way you can feel momentarily fulfilled and enough in that given hour or minute. You can watch, have a good time and realize that nothing is in a hurry, these are situations that prove to us that time as a category we ourselves determine how fast or slow it is. There are all kinds of passers-by, where you can see what the parents are like according to the children. I am quite positively surprised how much children have some collective vision of these things even though their parents may be diametrically different. They have an approach where imagination is in the foreground, they immediately follow up and create stories through you and with you - says Stefan.

You can watch the entire conversation with Stefan Vujisic at the following link:

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