VIDEO INTERVIEW | Stefan Andonovski, VMRO-DPMNE: All administrators will have to speak the Macedonian language

Stefan Andonovski / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Metodij Zdravev

The introduction of tests during the employment of candidates in the public administration can be a good mechanism for achieving greater professionalism in work, but also putting an end to the negative trend of party employments, believes the additional minister for Information Society and Administration in the current technical government, Stefan Andonovski .

- A merit system is needed for employment, that's for sure, in my opinion it is very important that all administrators speak the Macedonian language. It is a mandatory requirement in the conditions of employment, but very little is tested, very little is checked and the second element is this test that you mention, part of it is carried out by the Agency for Administration, but this would be something like a pre-test or let's say a selection test Andnovski said in the morning program of Sloboden Pechat.

He was adamant that the new government of his VMRO-DPMNE would in the shortest possible time abolish the ethnic balancer for employment, even though it was enacted when the government formed by the same party was in power.

Regarding the hastily adopted legal decisions in the pre-election period, which refer to the administration, Andonovski indicated that additional revision and debate will follow, so probably changes and additions will follow.

For the period of seven years, in which VMRO-DPMNE was the opposition, he says that the indecency and indecency of DUI representatives prevailed, which he reminded that they allowed themselves to play football, play music and smoke expensive cigarettes in the premises of state institutions.

Watch the entire interview with our guest at the link:

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