VIDEO INTERVIEW | Snezhana Kaleska Vancheva: The time has come to abolish the technical government

Snezhana Kaleska Vancheva/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

In my opinion, the time has come to abolish the technical government. My short answer is confirmed. This opinion is shared by numerous experts and citizens. The time for the existence and functioning of a technical government with that profile has expired and we can finally consign that part to history. During this period there was not enough time to discuss and take such a decision. For this issue, as is known, a general political consensus is needed and I think that for the next electoral process we will not have this technical government before the elections.

This was stated by the member of parliament from SDSM and president of the legislative-legal commission Snezhana Kaleska Vancheva in the show Free press.

As the member of parliament from the ranks of the SDSM says, the technical government was a response to a situation in society that everyone defined as a "trapped society" and today the majority of citizens believe that it is time to abolish the formation of the technical government before elections.

- The technical government is a product of a time and the public knows and remembers that period very well. Personally, I am satisfied that the largest opposition party points out that there is no need to form a technical government before elections, and that, in my opinion, is another confirmation that we are maturing as a democratic society that can progress - said Kaleska Vancheva.

Referring to the work of the Assembly in a period when elections are announced in the country and some of the laws important to the citizens are stuck in that process, Kaleska Vancheva says that the work of the Assembly of Macedonia is conditioned by the desire and need of the deputies to participate in the work of the committees and at the plenary session.

- The public knows that there are laws that are blocked by the opposition and cannot be passed. For VMRO DPMNE, they called this behavior "active blockade" and in my opinion, I still do not know the meaning of this construction. However, the fact is that the blockade in the Parliament exists, regardless of what we call such behavior of the opposition. As a parliamentary majority that supports the Government, we passed serious and good legal solutions that serve society and individual areas, such as the economy. I especially want to point out the social conditions and situations in which this parliamentary composition worked. Namely, we faced the covid crisis, then the energy crisis and other phenomena, and at the same time, my assessment is that as MPs, we successfully worked in the interest of the citizens - said Kaleska Vancheva.

Watch more of the interview with SDSM MP Kaleska Vancheva in the video below.

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