VIDEO INTERVIEW| Skerlev: Better £25 for a pet chip than a £500 fine

Zhaneta Skerlev/Sloboden Pechat/photo Slobodan Djuric

If you go outside the borders of Macedonia, you will rarely meet stray dogs in any city, unlike abroad, in our country it is everyday in the Ministry of the Interior's newsletter to read about an increasing number of people attacked by dogs. The long-standing problem is presented as a thesis, the media often talk about the fact that a solution should finally be found, but no more specific measures are taken. The number of street dogs "magically" increases overnight. In order to make a comparison, but also to take some good ideas from abroad on this topic, we talked with our correspondent from London, Jeanetta Skerlev.

There are no stray dogs in London, he says in the show Free Press columnist Skerlev. and if you walk further through the whole of England you will not meet loose dogs in the street.

- I often walk and I have not met any stray dogs. This was probably helped by the 2016 law that was passed to require all dogs to be microchipped. This means that dog owners are automatically known, and if someone happens to go, for example, to the mountains or outside the city and leaves the dog by the side of the road, it can be very easily found. If you see a trampled dog or a kitten somewhere in the street, if you see a fox, we have quite a lot of them in London, if you see any animal, for example, a seagull, a stork, in trouble, you call it a pet organization that works very well here. A team comes from there, gathers the animals and gives him medical help and returns the pets to the owner, and releases the wild animals into nature - says Skerlev.

There are fines for those who break the rules on how to keep a pet in the UK.

– A pet microchip costs $25. The fine is fixed at £500 for those who break the law. So, better 25 than 500 euros. If someone mistreats a pet, the service immediately arrives and takes their pet, they are banned from keeping a pet. Sometimes the punishments can be draconian, up to prison - explains Skrelev.

Most dogs are kept in England, according to certain statistics, about 14 million dogs are pets. The English also keep cats. Over 9 million cats are kept at home, and many of the families have a bunny at home.

See the whole conversation below:

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