VIDEO INTERVIEW | Simonovska and Mulachka: In investigative journalism, sources and evidence are the most important

Miroslava Simonovska and Irena Mulachka/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

Speaking about their work, female journalists Irena Mulachka и Miroslava Simonovska in an interview with Free press pointed out that developing investigative journalism requires will, persistence, but above all, courage.

Investigative journalism does not have to be spent who knows how much money, it is great to have a good production, to present all that with good video materials, but it is not necessary, in investigative journalism the sources are key. Documents and people are crucial and the most crucial thing is to protect them, not to reveal them, so that they are not chased out of work, and even in court you do not tell them who they are, and when you do that, you will have even more trust from the citizens Simonovska said.

Her colleague Mulachka added that despite the fact that citizens are the ones who have something to say and something to show as a document, they are still largely scared, they often do not want to talk on the phone, they are afraid that someone will do something to them at home or at the workplace.

Watch more from the interview of journalists Irena Mulachka and Miroslava Simonovska in the video below.

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