VIDEO INTERVIEW | Sead Rizvanovic: Russian aggression in Ukraine has entered the stage of "war of attrition"

Sead Rizvanovic/photo Slobodan Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

The journalist and editor Sead Rizvanovic in an interview with Free press made an analysis of the events in Ukraine and the Russian aggression against this country.

"It can be said that in the aggression of Russia, not exactly Russian mathematics came out at the beginning, but neither did Western mathematics during the war. If we simply divide the first two years, the first year was bad for Russia, Russia entered that invasion quite badly and unprepared, in that first year Ukraine managed to make a good counter-offensive, to return a large part of the occupied territories, but in the second year Russia managed to adapt, built a large defensive line, managed to repel the Ukrainian counter-offensive. From then until today, we are in a state called "war of attrition", said Rizvanovic.

He believes that such a situation on the ground will continue in the following months, that in this year 2024 the aggression will probably not end.

More from the interview with Rizvanović in the following video.

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