VIDEO INTERVIEW | Petar Georgievski Kamikaza: Once the songs begin to live, they become folk

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On the eve of the two mega concerts announced by the members of our band legendary rock group "Memory", after a 30-year hiatus, they recently released two new songs and are intensively preparing the material for the new album. In the morning show Free Press one of the founders of the band and a fighter for maintaining quality music sound among the audience was a guest, Petar Georgievski Kamikaze, who talked about the band's successes so far and of course the plans for the future.

"For you" is the title of their new rock ballad, which has already managed to find its way to its audience and once again win the hearts of all those who want to hear their authentic sound played by experienced and mature musicians, such as the members of "Memoria".

- It is a great courage to make a new song and I have been thinking about these few topics for a long time, two of which have already found their way to the listeners, and 7-8 more songs will follow, among which there will be songs by Risto Samardzhiev, Sasho Angelov, Apostol Ikonomov and Davor Jordanovski. I will try to express myself in a racing manner, this is the same as if you have not run a marathon for 30 years and you decide from tomorrow, this is how I will run a marathon. The fear of getting hurt, of losing the halo that you carried for so many years, as a person who made such hits is really a big burden, but since "Za Tebe" passed, everything was easy, we knew that we were all on the right path from the band, especially me, because I pulled the first leg.

After "I'm going to the stars", "Why God", "Our pictures" ... it really took courage for such a rock ballad, but it started to live among the people, it's going great so far and I hope that at the concert in Shtip on June 1 and that what will follow on November 16 in Skopje will be sung just like these hits that are already 30-40 years old - says Georgievski.

Known for the unique atmosphere and energy of their concerts, they are preparing for probably the biggest shows that the Macedonian audience will have the opportunity to see and feel, two mega concerts that will be held on June 1 in Shtip and November 16 in Skopje.

- I am not determined to do concerts at any cost, last year we played only once in Veles, we do mega events and the one that will be in Shtip will be a mega event, it will be a concert at the Youth Center. There "Memoria" had one of the most successful concerts with over 3200 tickets, which has never happened to any other former Yugoslavian band to sell so many tickets. Now it's time to repay the people of Stip for respecting us all these years when we were active, they knew how to come to concerts in Ohrid and Skopje, the people of Stip are one of the most faithful audiences of "Memoria" and that's why the first two songs from the new album will be performed live for the first time in Shtip - Georgievski told "Sloboden Pechat".

The second song they released, which will be part of their new album, is actually a mix of 4 Macedonian folk songs with patriotic content. The powerful vocals of Risto Samardziev and Apostle Poce Ikonomov sing the choruses of the famous songs "Edno ime imame", "For many years Macedonians", "Zavetna" and "Pour, pour".

- "Memorija" has a cover of a Macedonian folk song "Crna se chuma zadade", "Macedonia", "The steamer has arrived" on each of its albums... so every album we make one song, this time we made a mix of several Macedonian pearls and there is no reason to have comments in terms of why we cover Macedonian music, and what kind of music should we cover? I also wrote a very interesting sentence: "Which song should we sing "our" or "yours"?

Here is "Dirlada", which has millions of circulations, was remade at the concert in 2017, and now I think it has over 7-8 million views. There isn't a Macedonian wedding where you don't sing, and now let me say: "What's wrong with you, do you only know how to play "Dirlada"?" It's just that when the songs start to live, they become folk - says Georgievski.

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