VIDEO INTERVIEW | Pavle Arsoski: ZNAM party is becoming a serious political factor that will work for the interest of ordinary citizens

Pavle Arsoski/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

Retired Major General Pavle Arsoski who is part of the political party - ZNAM Movement - He says about Macedonia that the relatively new political entity in the country of which he is a member will ce stands for only и only for the interest of the common citizen.

As he explained during his guest appearance on the morning show of Free press, the time of belittling the Macedonians who, according to him, have become second-class citizens in their own country, has passed. That is why, according to Arsoski, the ZNAM party will pursue the current trajectory which ce moves Macedonia to change and thereby stop the exodus и division in society on every basis. Arsoski emphasizes that Macedonia and the Macedonian identity, language, self-importance and statehood is more than ourselves.

- Macedonia is currently in a very bad situation. The state is disintegrating on every basis before our eyes and bursting at almost all seams, and the citizens of Macedonia must get involved and take matters into their own hands. At the end of the day or at the end of life, everyone will get a question from our children about what we did. When they ask us such a thing, we will have to say that at least we tried. Macedonians have become second-class citizens in their own country, and that must not continue to be the case - pointed out Arsoski.

Regarding how ZNAM is profiled before the electorate in the elections, Arsoski does not hide that the membership of the party includes social democrats by conviction, but also former members of VMRO-DPMNE.

- It is interesting that in the party we have people who, for the first time in their lives, decide to get involved politically. This tells us that the citizens have a desire to do something, that is, to change. I am among those people who decided to get involved politically for the first time. I repeat, it is not our goal or mission to know who comes from where or where they belonged before. Our goal in these elections is to leave a mark and create a party that will speak the same language, which is for the interest of the state - explains Arsoski.

He adds that ZNAM is neither a left-wing nor a right-wing party in the country's political spectrum.

- The Macedonian has the right to express his feelings and to stand his ground. And it is not nationalist rhetoric and it represents a natural right of a nation to defend itself. And of course not only the people, but we also defend the state - pointed out Arsovski, alluding to Bulgaria's position regarding the requests from Sofia for the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Macedonian Constitution.

Asked why he was called out in public so far because he, as a former general in the ARM, did not pass the security analysis and was not awarded a NATO certificate, Arsoski says that political obstructions were behind it.

- Every officer of the Macedonian army throughout his career is subject to constant checks and issuance of appropriate certificates. For my particular case, from 92 and the beginnings of the ARM until the end of my military career, I constantly possessed a national security certificate. This means that for this entire period I worked and possessed all the documents that were of the highest security level of a state secret. In that context, I, as a military person, as well as others like me, for the entire period were under permanent checks for security secrets and during our accession to NATO. Now, the question arises how all those years in which I participated in the adaptation of our army with NATO and held countless meetings, exercises and other activities with the highest NATO leaders I was not a problem for the security services, but once at a critical moment after I decided to politically activate to become a problem. Simply put, justice for this act committed against me currently has a court resolution and a decision in my favor, and I consider the act itself a politically staged process - sums up Arsoski.

More from the interview with retired major general from the ZNAM party Dr. Pavle Arsoski, you can watch him in the video below.

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