VIDEO INTERVIEW | We have no critics for the thriller as a genre in literature, says Kuzmanovski, the author of "Bacchus".

Sasho Kuzmanovski/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

On World Book Day, April 23, "Sloboden Pechat" offers you a new title, the book "Bacchus" by author Sašo Kuzmanovski, sports journalist and writer. It is about the second part of the trilogy that Kuzmanovski imagined.

In "Bacchus" the action is intertwined in two time frames, one in the ancient past from the beginning of the new era, and the other from today, from the modern world. The book talks about a 2000-year-old cult, murders and an investigation that connects several human destinies.

Mysticism is on a pedestal, even bordering on esotericism, says Kuzmanovski Free Press.

– Thriller as a genre has been very popular lately, not only in our country but in the world in general. "Bacchus" carries an interesting story that takes place here on our soil, an action that takes place in our localities and locations and makes it interesting and enticing for the readers. It is a specific work that includes a mythological branch with cults, religious rituals, sects, religion that have their roots from many centuries ago to today - says Kuzmanovski.

Sasho Kuzmanovski/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

Research, reading, consultation with experts are part of the segments that preceded the creation of this work, specifically related to cults, archeology.

- I'm not an archaeologist, but I'm interested in history, of course I read, I researched a lot about that part that I'm talking about in the book, however this is a novel, fiction, allows for imagination. This part of the content may be close enough for the reader, but I did not want to bore him with details, however this is not professional literature - says Kuzmanovski.

According to Kuzmanovski, there is a lack of criticism for crime thrillers.

- The problem is that we don't have a thriller review here. I would love to have critics for this genre. We don't even have enough Macedonian authors who write thrillers. I notice that the neighborhood is moving forward, but even there it is not as satisfactory as it is in the west - explains Kuzmanovski.

After reading the book, you will not see the Stobi site with the same eyes, but we will not reveal anything more than this.

See the whole conversation below:

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