VIDEO INTERVIEW | Nečeska: We brought artificial intelligence to the Macedonian market

Martina Naumovska Necheska/Photo: Free Press

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Martina Naumovska Necheska is a young girl with captivating energy. Her love for mathematics motivated her since her high school days to research more and more in the field. She was educated all over the world, but returned to Macedonia to bring artificial intelligence to the Macedonian market.

Martina Naumovska Necheska/Photo: Sloboden pechat

-I was always guided by another dimension of IT, and that is, how people and how companies deal with their data, because in the period when I started electrical engineering faculty, no one talked about that topic. When I finished high school, I decided that I wanted to devote my life, career path to IT technology. After graduating from university, I was very happy to be admitted to the technical faculty in Vienna in a direction that was still very new even then, and that is the direction of artificial intelligence - says Martina.

But her desire to go home was very strong.

I had very big ambitions that I would bring artificial intelligence to Macedonia and that we would make a boom here, and so on... Being at home is not at all easy, what I learned abroad, I transferred here in "Data Masters" and at home, with the fact that the very room where we are filming today and those fifty people, almost fifty people who work in these offices, is proof that the sharing of knowledge and love for bringing artificial intelligence to the Macedonian market, and how it pays off and gives birth to work - he says German.

Watch the entire interview of colleague Agnesa Chavoli below:

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