VIDEO INTERVIEW | Naumov and Davidovski from Shtrich: We don't have a home for our performances, we had a good cooperation with MKC before, but not now

Marjan Naumov and Tomislav Davidovski/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/ Slobodan Djuric

"MCC opened its doors to us for the play 'True West' when we prepared it, they left us for three months in the Dancing Hall and we worked without a problem. Then it became a bit big crowd in MCC, and now what is happening, so we left from there. We encounter more closed doors than open ones," said actor Tomislav Davidovski from the independent theater "Strih" in the morning program of the Free Press.

He, together with his colleague Marjan Naumov, explained that they made the play "The True West" without an association, as a natural person, after which the team for "Strih" was formed.

"The general problem that we thought would be solved over time is a home for the play. At the beginning, when we started with the "True West" in MCC, we had better cooperation and more space for making a show, than now. Now we encounter more closed doors and it is more difficult for the play to live. We are guests all the time," Naumov said.

You can watch the entire interview with Naumov and Davidovski at the following link:

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