VIDEO INTERVIEW | Nasser Ziberi: The Ombudsman must have A status to be completely independent

Nasser Ziberi / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

In an interview for the morning program of "Sloboden Pechat", Ombudsman Nasser Ziberi recalled that with the deputies of the previous composition, amendments to the law on the Ombudsman were drawn up, which were supposed to solve key issues for the independence of this institution, but they did not see the light of day. of the day because that item was the last item on the agenda of the last session of the old parliamentary composition. An additional problem, says Ziberi, was that the Left submitted over a thousand amendments that blocked the law.

- We, together with the MPs from the previous composition, prepared a proposal for amendments to the law on the Ombudsman, which was supposed to solve key issues such as the status of the institution. We are a national institution for the protection of human rights, which according to international criteria should have the highest standard, and those standards are regulated by the so-called Paris Declaration, in which, as a completely independent institution that deals with human rights, it should have A status, and in order to has A status and should have complete personnel, financial and spatial independence. We do not have that status. During the screening process for starting the negotiations, one of the basic observations is that the Ombudsman does not meet the criteria to be accredited as a national institution for human rights with status A - said the Ombudsman Nasser Ziberi, in an interview with "Sloboden Pechat".

Regarding the mandates covered by the institution of the ombudsman, he said that the range of mandates covered by the ombudsman is very wide.

 – The range of mandates covered by the Ombudsman is very wide. The Ombudsman institution covers 22 districts. In those areas, there are also complaints that the basis for the complaint refers to affiliation, in the case of national affiliation. It mostly happens in the field of employment and working relationship. In the past period, the declaration of ethnicity as a condition for employment in the public administration with the balancer, the concealment or false representation of ethnicity was current. In the area of ​​labor rights and employment relations, there is also a basis for objection, ethnic affiliation is in the system of gradation and promotion - said Ziberi.

He added that in the area of ​​education, such as the right to education, there are petitions that come on that basis.

- We have a department for protection against discrimination and mobbing, there is a department for employment rights, but there are also issues for which we are not competent. The Ombudsman does not cover the entire private sector. In that case, we forward those petitions to the competence of the competent commission for protection against discrimination - stressed Ziberi.

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