VIDEO INTERVIEW | Mirceski: The National Mediation Council should be changed in its composition

Borche Marovski/ Photo: Sloboden pechat / Metodij Zdravev

I inherited the problem of issuing mediators' licenses from the previous leadership of the National Mediation Council. Mediators are an important link in dispute resolution and must be licensed to mediate. It is important to point out that some of the mediators have valid licenses, and with my appointment I signed 25 licenses of other mediators. It is my intention that all 45 mediators receive a license without limiting the term of its validity, as provided by law. He stated this Borce Mirceski, national coordinator of the National Mediation Council in the show Sloboden Pechat.

According to Mirceski, the problem is complicated and with his appointment he will try to solve it because he believes in people and has a positive thought and approach to solving problems.

- The fact is that I am trying to solve the problem and I do not know whether I will succeed. After getting to know all the mediators, then the members of the National Assembly, as well as the members of the bodies of the chamber of mediators and the existing situations, it became clear to me that the mediators need a mediator. By issuing licenses to 25 mediators, we solved part of the problem, which is more than half of the total number of mediators. My determination is to solve existing problems, not create new ones. At the same time, while performing my work, I have obstructions, and my interest is that all mediators from the "directory" get licenses. If I am asked, the National Mediation Council should undergo changes in its composition and according to the law, the national coordinator has the opportunity to propose new members, said coordinator Mirceski.

More from the interview with Mirceski in the video below.

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