VIDEO INTERVIEW | Mihajlovska: At the matriculation exam, only a test, a pen and water

Biljana Mihajlovska / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

June, the month of taking matriculation exams. How many registered high school graduates are there? What is the organization and when does it take place? Are the tests ready and when are they distributed? In the morning show Free Press we asked for an answer from the director of the State Examination Center, Biljana Mihajlovska. The director says that this year the high school graduates take their mother tongue exam on June 8, and on June XNUMX they take the optional subject.

- For high school graduates, there is a slight change in the way of taking the exam, but the exam itself has not changed. We have reduced the weight of the exam in previous years. First there was the covid, then last year many students lost part of their classes because of the bomb threats, they listened to them online. Because of that, we reduced the scope of the exam, shortened the exam program. This year we are not taking it back. It will still be a shortened program. It is an expression of good will towards the demands of high school students, that is, high school graduates - says Mihajlovska.

She explains that everything will be the same as last year.

– The only difference compared to previous years is the physical exam, which graduates generally do not have a problem with. When a student sits down to take an exam, he takes an exam at one table, one chair, and that's the important thing, that there should be an atmosphere for work, that there should be silence. Whether it will be a room of 20, 30, 50 or 200 square meters, it is not important. This year they will be taking exams in a large area. So, they will take the exam in the school hall or some big corridor of the school. If they have a good gym, then in the gym. The idea is that in this way we will reduce the possibilities of overwriting, says the director of DIC.

Biljana Mihajlovska / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

According to her, the high school graduates will have a schedule where they will be accommodated 3 days in advance, so that there is no push and shove on the day of the testing.

- About 14.800 high school graduates are registered. The number on the first and second day is similar. About 10.000 students take the Macedonian language exam. About 4.000 take the Albanian language exam. And Turkish language about 300 students. Students choose the state matura if they want to enroll in college. If they don't want to continue their education, in the sense that they want to complete secondary education, then they take a vocational matriculation exam or a final exam and a school matriculation exam - says Mihajlovska.

According to the law, the results of the matriculation exam should be published 30 days after the last exam. So until July 7. For all those who will not pass the first exam period or will not pass the exam, there is a second period, which is in August. Last year the average score was 3,65,

- The results are approximately 3, which is completely normal, so it is a normal distribution when testing a large population and such results are literally expected and desirable, because theoretically a large population is expected to have such a distribution of results. High results are always obtained by students who take the German language, there are many fours and fives, but 130 students apply there - says Mihajlovska.

Regarding the tests, he says that their procedures are very strict. First, it is regulated by law. The space where the tests are done is secured with a bunch of protective measures.

- Only those people who take the tests can enter that space. Plus we have special contracts for the people who participate in the creation of the tasks. They are packed in special bags that cannot be opened, and are distributed on the day of the examination. We bring them in, the testing is done, and we send them back. All tests are with barcodes. Until the last moment, until the day before the announcement of the results, we don't know which student is tied to which barcode, says the DIC director.

The moment the graduate enters the room, the only things that can be used are a test, a pen and water. Everything else is not allowed.

Regarding the low results achieved by our children on international tests, Mihajlovska says that we have a problem with functional literacy and understanding what is read. He advises the students to be relaxed.

- There is no need to be afraid at all. It is the most normal exam like any test they had during secondary education. They should come relaxed, they have too much time. The exam lasts 3-3,5 hours, everyone can answer slowly, check what they have written. Second, what grade do they get? It is not the only grade she has received in her life. That score, if the five became a four, is not the end of the world. When they enroll in college, these are grades that will be collected according to a formula and they will receive certain points, so they should not be stressed, she says.

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