VIDEO INTERVIEW | Mathematicians should not have a dilemma about which secondary school to choose - MIG, says Ivano Bozinovski

Ivano Bojinovski / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Ivano Božinovski is a first-year student at the Mathematics and Information High School (MIG). This school has existed for four years, and Božinovski, as a great lover of mathematics, learned about this high school last year when he was considering where to continue his education through social networks.

- Even in elementary school, I knew that I wanted to continue studying mathematics and informatics in more detail. That's why when I found out about this high school (MIG), through Facebook groups, I immediately knew that I wanted to enroll there. Initially, my parents thought if it was a good option, since it is a new school, but after doing some research and asking several professors, we realized that all children who like math, informatics and physics should enroll here. Now I can confirm from personal experience that I was not wrong with the choice. I suppose I can say here that I receive top-notch support and help from the entire country - says Božinovski Free Press.

The entrance exam was not difficult at all and I encourage anyone considering it to try.

– It was not difficult for me at all. The entrance exam consists of a math test and a physics test. Going to competitions before helped me a lot in preparing for these tests. I believe that any student who expresses love for these subjects will find it easy. The tests are a formality - said Bozinovski.


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He adds that his friends who are this year's semi-graduates are already sure that they will enroll in the Mathematics and Information High School.

Watch the full conversation below:


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