VIDEO INTERVIEW | Manoleva: All vaccines are safe, for this year we provided trikafta for 50 patients and 650 sensors for children with type 1 diabetes

Maja Manoleva/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

Deputy Minister of Health, Maya Manoleva, in an interview with Free press stressed that all the vaccines in our country are safe and reliable, while regarding the parallel import of drugs, he said that it is only possible for those drugs that are in use in EU member countries and the USA where there is serious legislation regarding drugs and that's the only way everyone is sure that the medicine arrives safely in our country.

Regarding other medicines and aids, Manoleva said that medicines are being procured for all diseases, but also that after 15 years the positive list of medicines is finally being renewed.

The Ministry of Health continuously provides therapy, primarily for patients with diabetes. Medicines and insulins for all types of diabetes arrive regularly, there was one small stoppage, it was due to the tender procedure which had to follow the legal deadlines, but now the patients are continuously receiving the necessary medicines and insulins. Here, it would follow on from the provision of so-called sensors for continuous measurement of glycemia or blood sugar for 650 patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 up to 18 years of age. Regarding trikafta, we started with a small number of patients, but for this year we provided funds for over 50 patients, the FZO has the funds and the postpak is already underway. For the first time after 15 years, we are renewing the positive list and adding new drugs to the positive list," Manoleva pointed out.

More from the interview with the Deputy Minister of Health, Watch Maya Manoleva in the video below.

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