VIDEO INTERVIEW | Macedonia abounds with children who master mathematics, physics and informatics, says Professor Stankovic from MIG

Sladjan Stankovic / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Four years ago, the first Mathematics and Information High School was opened in Skopje. Located in the premises of the "Zdravko Cvetkovski" high school, this school is open to all talented students in mathematics, physics and informatics. Our country is full of gifted children from these areas, he says Free Press mathematics professor Sladjan Stankovic.

- It was inevitable to open a high school specialized for students who master these subjects. We have very talented children, and this is shown at competitions not only in the country, but also at international competitions and world Olympiads. We can boast of numerous titles, our students not only win prizes in informatics and mathematics competitions, they also participate in other competitions. Our wealth of awards is priceless - says Stankovic.

Sladjan Stankovic / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

MIG has its first generation of high school graduates this year.

- The beginning was difficult considering that we started teaching during the covid-19 pandemic, but on October 1, 2020 we started. In the first generation, a total of 24 students were enrolled, divided into two classes. Today, these children are writing the history of MIG as the first generation of high school graduates - said the professor.

Last year, the school faced problems regarding the teaching staff for vocational subjects. Parents complained that the children were missing lessons in many subjects, but the professor says that they soon overcame that problem and that now there are enough teachers for all subjects.

- We successfully solved what happened last year, but it is true that the principles and foundations on which work in the high school rests are quality, expertise and knowledge. Last year the students faced a situation where they were not satisfied with what one of us had to offer them. The moment spread quickly from the students, through the parents and to the ministry, and that's how it reached the public. Fortunately for us, in a short time we tried to provide all the requests of the students - explains Stankovic.

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The professor says that from year to year the number of interested students grows.

Enrollments are in progress, and you can find out about who can apply and what the entrance exam consists of from the conversation.

Watch the full interview below:

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