VIDEO INTERVIEW | Lesoski: It is not serious that a person does not come out to vote

Darko Lesoski / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Slobodan Djuric

- In my opinion, it is frivolous that a person does not go out to vote, but sometimes such periods and quasi-apathetic situations inevitably occur in a democracy. I think our neighbors have passed those diseases. I don't know if they have been passed in our country, but I think not - said the writer Darko Leshoski in the morning show "Sloboden pechat" in cooperation with CIVIl Media and

He added that the man must be clean in front of himself and come out and say: this is because I made a wrong choice with the last vote and vice versa.

- Physically, we are already in the EU, it is the same as asking me if my name is that or if you are called something else. No matter how Shalabizerian it sounds, it cannot be Greece in Europe, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania strive in that direction, we should fantasize and strive for Nordic nations - concluded Lesoski.

- "Poet", I must admit, is a very unrealistic word for our everyday life. It is much easier for me, it has long been accepted, to perceive myself only as a medium. I don't consider it all mine, I think it comes from somewhere, something. It uses me to go through my brain and come out. I don't consider it mine, I don't consider myself a creator with that ego - said Leshoski.

He added that there are no rituals that inspire him to write.

- That perception comes by itself, when it comes to her and she doesn't ask you - said Leshoski.

Regarding the Vevčana carnival, he pointed out that the carnival by definition is a controversy.

- Not to offend the people, I think we have recourse in that regard. Much earlier, that criticism and mockery was viewed more liberally, and now somehow people are narrow-minded and see it as a personal attack, without taking into account that those masks themselves are a kind of mockery, first of all, of themselves, as a society, further and targeted some criticism. We are regressing in the sense that when we forget to joke, to laugh, it is terrible - Leshoski believes.

You can watch the entire interview with Leshovski below:

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