VIDEO INTERVIEW | Kuzeska: Mickoski and Taravari should not hide what they agreed on

Bogdanka Kuzeska / photo Sloboden Pechat / Slobodan Djuric

Stevo Pendarovski will be a candidate for the president of the state supported by SDSM confirmed Bogdanka Kuzeska spokeswoman of the party in the morning program of Free press.

The decision of the management should go to the Executive and the Central Board. According to Kuzeska, President Pendarovski was also supported last time by about 30 parties from different ethnic communities and that support exists even now. Support for Stevo Pendarovski also comes from the citizens who know how to recognize the work and effort of a man who invested himself completely in the past mandate to be the president of all citizens, she explains.

"Stevo Pendarovski managed to restore the reputation and dignity of the position of the president of the state and I believe that even now he will be recognized by all parties, especially because he strongly supports Macedonia's European path," spokeswoman Kuzeska believes.

As she explains, many things can be changed in politics, but the commitments of the parties that said they support the European path must not be changed. They should keep that attitude.

On the other hand, Kuzeska believes that both Taravari and Mickoski lack the transparency to act honestly before the citizens in these elections.

- We did not hear what agreement Hristijan Mickoski and Arben Taravari have because they do not hide their public support for each other. We've seen them at the table together before, but then that deal fell through, they couldn't agree on a lot of important things. Did Taravari and Mickoski agree, what did they agree, they should tell the public. Is it possible that Mickoski will withdraw from the idea of ​​abolishing the technical government, but also will he withdraw from the agreement for an Albanian prime minister one hundred days before the elections. Everything is unclear, and the most important thing is whether something has been agreed on regarding the constitutional amendments - says Kuzeska.

The spokeswoman of the SDSM clarifies that VMRO-DPMNE are not consistent in their policies and cited the Prespa agreement as an example of that.

"VMRO-DPMNE first denied the Prespa agreement, then they said that the work was done, and now they are going back again and saying that we will cancel it. It is a dishonest approach to the citizens," said Kuzeska.

See more of the interview with Bogdanka Kuzeska in the video below.

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