VIDEO INTERVIEW | How political scientist Stojchevski became a famous game designer

Boban Stojchevski/ Photo: Sloboden pechat-Dragan Mitreski

Does Macedonia have geniuses and innovators? What do geniuses create and what makes them stand out from their peers? How many innovations are there in this country and how innovative are our individuals, and how many are being worked on? Questions that few know the answer to. Free Press will try to provide at least a small part of the answers through a series and give a chance to geniuses and innovators to present their creations and ideas to the general public. Game creators, successful chess players, engineers, scientists, ballerinas... are just some of the characters that will be part of our series. We hope that in this way we will encourage public awareness and competent institutions to allocate more funds for this purpose, to find a way to promote their ideas where they should for a better tomorrow for all of us. At the same time, let this be an open call to everyone who wants to share their successes and innovations with us, but also with the entire public, to register at the official email address.

Boban Stojcevski is a game designer. For Free Press he says that learning was his best challenge and the best thing that happened to him.

Boban Stojchevski/Photo: Sloboden pechat-Dragan Mitrevski

- Learning was the biggest challenge and the best thing that happened to me, because here I understood and found out how complex game development is. My love for video games, making video games, began in 1989 with the purchase of my first Commodore 64 computer. After some time, I realized that I was interested in other things in life, and I enrolled in political studies at Stulov University - says Stojchevski.

After the period of studies, he was contacted by a company that worked on many famous games.

Boban Stojchevski/Photo: Sloboden pechat-Dragan Mitrevski

-We were contacted by a company that developed video games, they work for Nintendo, and then, in just one year of working, I got the chance to work on two PlayStation games, which for me was, perhaps, the best thing I've ever experienced in my life. . We founded "Furious Avocado", we made our first and most successful game "Tie-Dye" - says Stojchevski.

The game reaches two hundred million downloads and plus received "Unicorn Status" on the app which is basically something that is his greatest achievement.

Boban Stojchevski/Photo: Sloboden pechat-Dragan Mitrevski

- No matter how many challenges we have and what we have to do, at least ten percent of us should stay fixed on our life's dream. "Furious Avocado" is the realization of a lifelong dream - says Stojchevski.

Watch the entire interview of colleague Agnesa Chavoli below: 



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