VIDEO INTERVIEW | Kaczynski and Bundalesca: Students should use artificial intelligence

Prof. Ilina Kaczynski and Prof. Elena Bundalesca

Artificial intelligence can help a lot in terms of mastering certain tasks, but the collected facts must always be checked, advise the professors who already use it at UACS

On the University American College Skopje (UAKS), students are already applying artificial intelligence. The professors Ilinka Kaczynski и Elena Bundalesca in the morning program of "Sloboden Pechat" they say that it should be used wisely, that its advantages should be used, but its negative sides should also be taken into account.

They emphasize that globally, in the world, there are big debates about it and no special regulation has been adopted by the European Union yet, but there is a prescribed directive on how to use it at universities.

Ilina Kaczynski, professor of linguistics, described an example of the application of artificial intelligence in practice.

– Chat-GP-T allowed students to put themselves in the position of interviewing any historical figure. I gave them a very specific prompt that they had to use and they interviewed their favorite politicians. That was the first phase.

In phase two, all the factual information that Chat-GP-T gave them, they had to check independently, so there is already a development of digital literacy skills and critical thinking so that they learn that under no circumstances must to trust that output, but of course, that they should independently check all the information.

And the third phase was writing a coherent text, like an interview they did with their famous person - says Kaczynski.

Elena Bundalesca, professor of law and ethics and head of the UKAS Quality Center says that there should be an academic freedom in the application of artificial intelligence and that it is not appropriate for every subject.

- I am a lawyer and I try to use artificial intelligence as little as possible in my cases. I replaced project assignments wherever I thought students could use AI with something else.

For example, last semester, instead of writing project assignments, I sent the students to observe a management function in a company for a day or two and then make a report, artificial intelligence could not help them with that, it is their personal experience - says Bundalesca.

The professors agree that artificial intelligence can help with a lot of factual data, so the new way of learning should be developed so that it can be used to draw that data, verify it and apply it correctly.

But they warn that as well as AI being used by students, it is not suitable for younger people in the education system, because they may not know how to evaluate and verify the facts offered by AI.

Watch the entire VIDEO INTERVIEW below:

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