VIDEO INTERVIEW | Katsarska: The extreme right in the EP is split and it is unlikely that it will create a single entity

Simonida Katsarska / Photo: Printscreen

"Many of those who had difficulty securing their place on the national stage find their place in the European Parliament. The right that is now in the EP will be difficult to conceptualize as a single force, because they often have different demands and therefore it is difficult to see that such an entity will be created," said the director of the Institute for European Politics - EPI. Simonida Kacarska in the morning program of Free press.

She added that the European elections are, in a way, second-class national elections and mostly serve to voice a protest against the ruling party.

"Following this interpretation was President Macron's action, because he saw that there was a large protest vote against him," Katsarska said regarding the calling of early elections in France.

She added that due to the different procedures, as well as the turnout in different states, it is difficult to generalize and summarize the effects and the connection with domestic politics.

More from the interview with Katsarska in the link below.

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