VIDEO INTERVIEW | Jove Kekenovski: We always negotiate to our own detriment

Jove Kekenovski/photo Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

University professor Jove Kekenovski believes that maybe it's time for one of our political leaders to explain to our partners in the European Union that we need an equal position in relations with Bulgaria and that the bilateral dispute with this country should be left to be resolved after Macedonia becomes full-fledged. member of the Union.

– We negotiate, but we always negotiate to our own detriment. All these years of negotiation, I really don't remember a solution that didn't come out and it wasn't to our own detriment. Whether at the moment or later. It turned out that we are very unprincipled, that is, lenient in that segment, says Kekenovski in his appearance on the morning program of Sloboden Pechat.

Regarding the current negotiations with Bulgaria, he believes that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani has done real damage.

- I think that if the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a Macedonian, someone who loves his own country, his own people, we would not have had as many concessions with Bulgaria as we did and we would have had a shameful agreement that tramples on our dignity and which allows them to shamelessly revise their own history on our account - adds the professor.

In the interview, he referred to the so-called "Hague cases", which, on the recommendation of the Council of Europe, should be reopened. However, he is surprised by the larger Macedonian parties, who constantly ignore this issue, especially after the so-called parties. Albanian political bloc publicly announced that they consider this issue closed.

- Crimes against humanity do not expire and therefore this issue must not be treated as closed - added Kekenovski.

The professor did not want to speculate on who will win the upcoming elections, but admitted that he would be happy if VMRO-DPMNE won. However, he is not sure that the party he supports will be able to form the government easily, and that the new prime minister will be able to deal with crime, which according to Kekenovski has penetrated into every pore of society.

- The most important thing is the selection of personnel, quality people should be appointed instead of henchmen - pointed out Kekenovski.

Watch the entire interview with our guest in the following video:

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