VIDEO INTERVIEW | Jazbec: It makes no sense to change a contract, which was concluded on the basis of a very difficult, long and complex process

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Reaching some agreements is a very complex process and when it is reached - it stands, so we can certainly say that changing an agreement, which was concluded on the basis of a very difficult, long and complex process, is even more difficult, because then you don't see any sense. All those who participated certainly do not see any great sense in spending the energy that was invested again to change something, but to realize it," said Ambassador Milan Jazbec, former Slovenian ambassador to our country, in an interview with "Sloboden" stamp".

According to him, it is one thing to respect agreements, Pacta sund cervanda, that is, agreements that have been concluded, that have been formalized, ratified, should be respected.

"But since nothing is absolute, there is another saying: Rebus sic stantibus. So, if after some time there are big, crucial changes in the international environment, then the agreements that have already been concluded can be changed, but they cannot be changed only by one party that concluded an agreement, but in an agreement of all parties and, especially , if such a change occurs, it should, first of all, be kept in mind that this change does not cause any damage," emphasized Jazbec.

He concluded that in law it is very clear, but in practice it is very difficult and there are very few such cases, because, as I said, every policy wants to move forward and not change some things that are already established.

You can watch the entire interview with Jazbec at the following link:

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