VIDEO INTERVIEW | Jankuloski: We are trying to attract students because the veterinary profession is significant for a country like Macedonia

Prof. Dean Jankuloski Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

The fact is that the number of students has decreased. The trend in other faculties is probably similar. The fact that we as a faculty are trying to attract students is because the veterinary profession is quite significant for countries like Macedonia, because our country is oriented towards agriculture and is the best climate for growing animal and plant-based food. The faculty introduces changes to curricula and programs in order to constantly be in line with the direction in which the veterinary profession is moving in the world. The faculty has 12 semesters in the curriculum. Starting from September 2023, we decided that the last year, i.e. the sixth year, the two last semesters will be completely dedicated to practical teaching, said the professor Dean Janculoski Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in an interview Free press in cooperation with

He added that the number of students at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje, when he started his studies at the faculty in 1992, was over 100 students, while in recent years there are about 20-25 students.

- The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje, whose primary activity is educational activity, has a large number of accredited laboratories that deal with different types of testing, including food safety and quality. In relation to food safety, we have around 250 accredited methods, which is proof that the ways we test are relevant and valid. We also have a large number of equipment that has been put into operation for performing these types of analyses, trained staff who are ready at any moment to respond to all requests starting from the ministries and state agencies competent in the area of ​​food safety and quality. However, any individual who wants to test the quality of the food that we all as consumers consume," said Professor Jankuloski.

He added that at this moment the microbiological dangers arising from food poisoning are current.

- Food poisoning occurs as a result of previous contamination of the food, at the place of origin of the processing. However, how we store food at home, how it is thermally processed, and then how we store it further. There are other risks that can cause unwanted consequences for people, namely different types of residues in food, as a result of using some protective means and drugs during the production of food of plant and animal origin. Then those residues or metabolites can be found in the food chain and then cause consequences," emphasized Jankuloski.

He also mentioned the contamination of the environment as a result of the industrial activity that exists, these are residues of heavy metals and their compounds that can be found in food and cause harmful consequences for the health of consumers and therefore allergies or intolerances are becoming more relevant of food such as gluten or lactose or the presence of different types of allergens that may be present in food but are not declared and may again cause health consequences for consumers.

- We as consumers are really concerned about what we consume and how the institutions react to protect our health. As for reptiles and snakes, if an event happens, it takes time to staff an activity so that it can be offered some option of the citizens. At this moment, the faculty does not have such an activity. This is something that is really new and we need time to see how we can answer this question. Regarding mosquitoes, there have been researches and projects several years ago and at the moment about their role as vectors for the transmission of infectious diseases. We do that as an activity. In any case, our activity is reduced to examining those captured insects and researching whether they somehow transmit the causative agent of an infectious disease," Jankuloski added.

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