VIDEO INTERVIEW | Janevska: Next year there will be changes in the state matriculation exam, we have a good and well thought out solution

Dr. Vesna Janevska / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

The creation of a National Education Strategy, adopted by general consensus and a comprehensive revision of curricula and programs, is envisaged by the new government in the Department of Education. The future Minister of Education and Science Prof. Dr. Vesna Janevska in the "Free Press" program believes that the principles on which the educational system would be established must be adopted by political consensus and in consultation with expert bodies and the public.

- I think that it is very necessary for all relevant political subjects to agree on those principles so that we can ensure continuity in the education of young people. In the past, ministers changed very often and we were in a situation where we had to constantly start from the beginning with some, I believe, well-intentioned, but obviously ineffective changes in that system and in the entire education process, said Janevska and added that the time has come and it will come that consensus.

The VMRO-DPMNE "Platform 1198" program provides for a comprehensive revision of the curricula and programs for the purpose of their improvement, for greater inclusiveness, but also for the strengthening of dual education. Janevska says "good education means a good country".

- The curricula and programs will really have to be changed because it is obvious that they are not having an effect. I say that according to the principle that I wish to have continuity, analyzes are currently being done and have been done before, what the teachers, parents and older students think is good in those programs, we will keep it as the Government, but we must and something to change because we hear the criticisms from the EU as well, but international tests also show that our children's knowledge is at an unenviable level and that must change, Janevska stressed.

As the future Minister of Education, Janevska has announced changes in the state matriculation exam starting next year. In August, the state matriculation exam will take place as before.

- The change is that students from secondary vocational education will take the matriculation exam according to the material they are studying, because now at the moment there is a difference in the material. High school students study more general subjects, others study less, and they have to pass the same material. It is honorable for those from secondary vocational schools to take the appropriate matriculation exam adapted from the appropriate material, while those from high school do it differently. Those from secondary vocational schools who will go to the corresponding faculties, for example secondary mechanical engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, will leave with that secondary vocational state matriculation, but if they want to go from mechanical engineering to economics or law, because that can also happen , they will take the state high school matriculation exam in order to enroll, and I think that it is a good solution, a well-thought-out solution, emphasized Vesna Janevska, the proposal of the Minister of Education and Science.

She also referred to the scandals that happened this month during the state matriculation exam and admonished the matriculation students who copied, as well as the professors-testers who made it possible for them.

- High school graduates should and must understand that they are adults and not enter the world of adults with immorality and attempted criminal de facto behavior, but also for testers who have a job obligation and when they allow students to use their phones and to prescribe, they do them no harm. All the hype around high school graduation is due to the fact that they want to get good grades in order to get into college. Let me repeat, even if none of them get an A on the graduation exam, the faculties will not be left without students, they will still enroll. I don't see why what is happening is happening and it will have to change, Janevska is decisive.

In the interview for "Sloboden Pechat" she referred to other projects in education in the coming period, dual education, inclusiveness, the construction of new school facilities and sports halls, according to the budget funds that will be available, as well as the reconstruction of student and student dormitories. . The plan is to upgrade the two faculty buildings for FINKI and the Faculty of Physical Culture within the campus of the University "St. Cyril and Methodius".

See the whole conversation below:

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