VIDEO INTERVIEW | Ibrahim Mehmeti: Kurti's interference could lead to greater divisions on the Albanian campus

Ibrahim Mehmeti/photo Slobodan Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

Asked about the outcome of the elections in the Albanian ethnic political campus, the political analyst Ibrahim Mehmeti in an interview with Free press said that until the divisions in the Alliance for Albanians are cleared up, it is difficult to predict the outcome.

"In the Albanian political bloc, this time is much more complicated, DUI has a certain leadership, but until the situation with the Alliance for Albanians is resolved, that outcome cannot be predicted. "Looking from the outside, AA is quite divided," says Mehmeti.

Asked about the influence of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Mehmeti said it was a type of outside interference that could lead to greater divisions on the Albanian campus.

"Kurti's influence is more for the citizens to choose one or the other block in the Albanian political campus, and not specifically for Kurti, although he and his party tried to register a party here, but it did not happen. I would not say that he and his party are so popular, but rather the influence among people, that is, those who have sympathy for Kurti, to acquire and build sympathy for the opposition Albanian parties. What I think can be a problem is that it can lead to a division in the Albanian campus, both politically and among the citizens, because with this we already have an external factor that can affect those divisions that can become even bigger," Mehemti concluded.

More from the interview with Mehmeti in the following video.

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